Australian marriage law postal survey

It was such a privilege to attend the launch of the Ballarat Pride Hub on Sunday, the first pride hub to be established in Victoria. Of course there was much discussion of same-sex marriage.

Knowing there would be hurtful messages from opponents of same-sex marriage, and knowing the survey would expose past trauma for the LGBTI community, I wanted to make sure there was a place where positive messages were accessible, so I turned my office window into that place, inviting anyone to come in, write a message on a rainbow heart and put that message up in my window. My office window is now covered in rainbow hearts. Many people walking by or visiting Ballarat have taken the opportunity to come into my office and leave a message on the window. Many have come in in tears, saying the window represented acceptance and safety and the message that it was okay to be themselves.

An example of some of the messages are: from Cameron, ‘I am human, I have the same under my skin as you’; and from young Ava, who wrote, ‘My aunty is gay. I love her and can’t wait to be her flower girl one day.’ There is even a heart that contains a marriage proposal. Helen asked her partner of 25¬†years, Sandy, to be her wife, and I can happily report that Sandy said yes.

The messages from Ballarat locals, the wider community and some from my parliamentary colleagues all express the same sentiment: love is love, and all love is equal. We are all waiting anxiously for the results that are coming down right now, and we are all hoping, of course, that it will be a resounding yes. I want to express my gratitude and my thanks to the LGBTI community.