Victoria Against Violence

I rise today to acknowledge the Victoria Against Violence campaign, which commenced on Saturday, 25 November. For the third anniversary of this campaign it is crucial to keep the conversation going regarding the role that every Victorian has in preventing family violence. Of course it is impossible to talk about all the vital work that the Victorian state government is doing to advocate for the safety of women and children without talking about the late Fiona Richardson. Fiona was focused and clear about the importance of creating a prevention agency whose role is to give families, women and children a second chance at a life of peace and happiness. I look forward to this agency being established.

As the Minister for Women, Fiona frequently spoke of the impact that gender inequality has in regard to family violence. As Victoria’s first Minister for the Prevention of Family Violence she was a passionate advocate for the importance of prevention playing a huge role in saving lives. Thanks to Fiona and all her incredible work we can better raise awareness about the scourge of family violence, call the community to action through campaigns such as Victoria Against Violence and strive for a society that is based on love and respect. Fiona would have been particularly outspoken about the Weinsteins and Burkes of this world. Her words, I am sure, would have comforted all the victims of workplace harassment, bullying and assault. Fiona dedicated so much of her working life to advocating for the protection of vulnerable women and children and fully committing to her vision of a Victoria that is safe and free from violence. We will remember her legacy always.